Seminar on strategic litigation on children´s rights, ACRiSL, Global Campus, University of Deusto & ECCHR

On the 17th and 18th of June, the University of Deusto hosted a two-day seminar on child rights strategic litigation, with a focus on cases involving migrant children rights in Spain, and the strategies following the decisions of the CRC Committee for its implementation. This event brought together practitioners from several Spanish NGOs working on litigation, academics, as well as experts from the international sphere, such as Ann Skelton from the CRC Committee. During the first session of the event, several experts presented the cases they brought before the Committee, which were on age assessment procedures for migrant children and the right to education. In the second session participants shared the difficulties experienced to implement the decisions from the Committee. Following this exchange of experiences, practitioners reflected upon existing strategies to seek implementation of the decisions given by the CRC Committee and to identify successful cases.


Find here for more information on the event and the participating experts.