Online Global Classroom 2020 on Children Deprived of Liberty

The Global Classroom is one of the flagship activities of the Global Campus of Human Rights designed to bring together students, professors and experts from the seven regional programmes of the Global Campus in order to study and discuss a topic of current interest through the lenses of different regional perspectives. From the 7th to the 9th of September, this year’s Global Classroom focused on mapping global trends in children’s deprivation of liberty by looking at the use of detention of children in different settings in the various regions as well as identifying key challenges. Previous to this event, seven groups of students worked on seven thematic research papers, many of them with a strong focus on children deprived of liberty for migration-related reasons in different regions, but also on deinstituionalisation of children with disabilities and children deprived of liberty in the context of armed conflict and national security. After the presentation of the main findings, students from all regions discussed the papers and possible recommendations. These research papers will be published in the upcoming months and shared via this newsletter. 

You can find more information on the research papers and the whole event under: