Mapping Detention, ENTRE Vienna, Vienna Master of Arts in Applied Human Rights, University of Angewandte, 13th May 2022

As part of an exhibition at the ENTRE Gallery in Vienna called Broken on a Wheel, Marilyn Volkman moderated an online discussion on arts and human rights which was hosted by ENTRE and the University of Angewandte. The exhibiting artist, Dan Paz, presented her Project Youth Advocacy Map(s), a digital map created with students, activists, scholars, and artists aiming at generating networks and provide information to benefit persons and communities impacted by the prison industrial complex. It includes information on legal service providers, fundraising for bail funds and transformative justice organisations working against prison expansion. Another project mentioned was The sun never knew how great it was until it struck the side of a building. In her work, Dan Paz investigates how light, and shadows are used as a mechanism of power and control in carceral environments. Following this intervention, Manu Krishan, from GCHR, provided an overview on the activities conducted in relation to children deprived of liberty by the global network of experts that are part of the Global Campus. One of the current projects focuses on Oversight Mechanisms and the rights of children in Secure Care Centres in South Africa, conducted by our GC colleagues from the University of Pretoria. Another project that is currently being developed consists of a mapping that represents the six areas of deprivation of liberty of children contained in the Global Study. Through this interactive map, the user can find promising practices in different countries around the world. The examples of promising practices correlate with the recommendations provided within the Global Study. This map will be launched in July.

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