Global Study workshop with children´s rights Ombudspersons on the Italian federal and regional level, GCHR

During the 2-day Global Study Workshop organized by our colleague Chiara Altafin, Research Manager at the Global Campus of Human Rights, we had the opportunity to interact and hear about the work in Italy of national and regional Ombudspersons working on the rights of children and adolescents deprived of liberty. Following Manfred Nowak’s presentation on the UN Global Study and Manu Krishan´s presentation on the follow-up, Daniela de Robert expressed the point of view of the National Authority for the Rights of Persons Detained or Deprived of Liberty about good practices, current challenges and needed actions in light of the Global Study recommendations.

During the second day, several Italian regional Ombudspersons gave their own relevant perspectives, focusing on the areas of administration of justice, children living in prisons with their mothers, and migration. Besides the general need for stronger inter-institutional cooperation, the experts identified the need to make develop age-appropriate educational projects for children, to involve children to actively participate in matters affecting their lives and to ensure that children´s best interests are always a primary consideration in all actions involving them.