UN Global Study presentation to the UN General Assembly

On the occasion of the 17th session of the UN General Assembly, Manfred Nowak presented the Global Study in New York. He highlighted the key messages of the study, closing his presentation with his final words directly addressing the children themselves. States were encouraged to implement measures and take actions to reduce the high number of children deprived of liberty in their countries.

The Report to the General Assembly is available in all UN languages under:    https://www.ohchr.org/EN/HRBodies/CRC/StudyChildrenDeprivedLiberty/Pages/Index.aspx 

Video of the Speech on UN Web TV: http://webtv.un.org/meetings-events/general-assembly/main-committees/3rd-committee/watch/third-committee-12th-meeting-general-assembly-74th-session/6093291988001/?term=#.XZ7dU9Ho4No.link

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