Global Study Launch in Ecuador

Hosted by the Ecuadorian Judiciary Council this event marked the first launch held in Latin America of the Global Study and of the recently published Spanish version of the Executive Summary. Followed by the opening speech of the President of the Ecuadorian Judiciary Council, Manfred Nowak held the official presentation of the Global Study and Elisa Klein Díaz from the GCHR presented the follow-up and dissemination activities of the Global Study program. Several heads of Ecuadorian legal institutions attended this event, such as President of the Ecuadorian Constitutional Court, who analized the judgment No. 9-17-CN/19 on unbiased and specialized judgment of young offenders. Also Mary Beloff expert in the region, contextualised the Global Study in the Latin American region. As closing remarks Manfred Nowak called for the need of States to release children, especially during this pandemic which has such detrimental consequences. He also called other actors involved, especially UN agencies, to take action to advocate for the release of children and implement the recommendations of the Global Study.


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