Other Global Study related projects

In the context of these follow-up initiation process activities, the Global Campus is an academic partner of the University of Nottingham Human Rights Law Centre working on the project “Advancing Child Rights Strategic Litigation”. This project is coordinated by the University of Nottingham and comes under the auspices of the Global Campus-Right Livelihood Foundation Partnership Agreement.

The project “Child rights strategic litigation” (CRSL) seeks to use legal cases as a tool to bring legal and social change in terms of children’s enjoyment of their rights. It focuses on the development, implementation, impact assessment and critique of strategic litigation from a child rights perspective, and will contribute directly to strengthening the capacity of such litigation to deliver on children‘s rights globally. The project will expand academic engagement with CRSL, while bringing a number of key CRSL cases before judicial and quasi-judicial bodies.

For more information, please visit the project website.

Project Contact: Aoife Nolan, University of Nottingham