Global Study Toolkit: Ending Deprivation of Liberty of Children for Migration-related Reasons

Following the Toolkit on Administration of Justice, the Toolkit on Migration aims to provide a guide for States and other actors to: support the process of ending detention of children for migration-related reasons, and ensure their fundamental rights throughout the whole status determination process.

In order to achieve this objective, the toolkit provides a collection of legal and non-legal resources, it identifies key thematic issues to consider and provides practical examples. The specific outputs that can be found in this toolkit can be summarised as:

  • Overview of the current situation of migrant children deprived of liberty.
  • Overview of the international legal framework that prohibits the use of detention for children for the sole reason of their migration status.
  • Overview of the main recommendations from the Global Study.
  • Examples of practices that already exist in different countries that implement the recommendations of the Global Study.
  • Further tools and materials that can be useful to the State and researchers in the field.


Project Contact:

Elisa Klein Díaz ( – Global Campus of Human Rights 

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