Enacting the Global Study Recommendations in the European Context

This project aims to support Ombudspersons for Children in implementing the recommendations of the Global Study within particular national and European multi-level governance. This function will be piloted in the Italian context, which will open the possibility for future interventions in other European countries. Two workshops will be organised at the Headquarters of the Global Campus of Human Rights in Venice:

  • Workshop 1 will be held with specialised, independent, national and regional institutions existing in Italy, and
  • Workshop 2 will be held with a selected group of members of the European Network of Ombudspersons for Children (ENOC).

The two workshops aim to present the findings and recommendations of the Global Study among independent children’s rights institutions (ICRIs), and discuss with them the challenges and opportunities related to their implementation both at the national and European level. By sharing information about specific areas of the Global Study, these workshops open a space to identify possible roles and actions for ICRIs in effectively supporting and facilitating the development of strategies/action plans for such enactment.


Project Contact:

Chiara Altafin (chiara.altafin@gchumanrights.org) – Global Campus of Human Rights

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